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Welcome to Afterlife, the home of one of Rift's beta guilds on the Greybriar server! Our focus is to become a top PvE & PvP guild on the server, as well as in the game! We have a variety of players from all walks of MMO life to include World of Warcraft, Aion, Warhammer Online, Lord of the Rings, Vanguard, Age of Conan, Everquest, Asheron's Call, and more! Pull up a chair, stay a while, look around and maybe we'll see you in game!

For those looking to make contact with us in Rift, our server is Greybriar, the faction is Guardian. W0lfborne will be the guild leader, so look him up in game for an invite!
Guild News

Afterlife will be playing as Guardians!

Wolfborne, Feb 21, 11 10:19 PM.
During beta many of us played both Guardian and Defiant. The guild actually formed on the Defiant side, but after playing through both starter zones and up to level 10, it was decided to make the guild's home on the Guardian side. The quests and zones seemed to flow better as a Guardian.

Racials are not really a factor in determining one's allegiance because racials can't be used in combat. That leaves attribute bonuses, but both sides have toons with +10 dexterity, +10 strength, and while the Defiants get a +10 intelligence buff, the Guardians get +10 wisdom, which affects your mana regen. At endgame, racials won't amount to anything anyway. That leaves cosmetic choices (toon look) and faction zones. It is all a personal preference.

Based on poll data, a larger portion of the player base will be going Defiant. That means overcrowded zones, longer queue times, less chance to gather crafting materials, etc. Since the server is PvE based, we don't have to worry about being ganked. As far as pvp goes, guild premades can dominate even if we are the "underdogs" population wise. As long as the guild works together, we'll be successful no matter what we do!
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